Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG

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18 July 2021
The servers went down for maintenance today. All servers are now all back online.

1st June 2021
We have just released a new update. One of the main features of this update includes double XP for pets! You can now choose if your character or pet gets the double XP when you have double XP time & your pet is active. Just tap the "2x Player" to select your player or "2x Pet" to select your pet to get the double XP!

A server has also been added in Asia. You can switch between servers in the server tab.
Check out the update on Google Play Store.

28th May 2021
We have started a new discord chat server come hang out, here is an invite:
We'll be adding back in the original Paradise and Ruins bot plus more. Tripone will be moderating the server.

12th Dec. 2020

1st Dec. 2020
There will be a special New Year event starting 23rd Dec 2020 to the 4th Jan. 2021 pst. There will be giveaways, special monsters & items and most importantly 2x XP during the entire event!

23rd Nov. 2020
In spirit of the year coming to a close we have a promo code for a free 7 days membership to Paradise and Ruins. All you need to do is register at Paradise and Ruins Forum and find the promo code under the "Promotions" section and follow the 2 simple steps.

17th Nov. 2020
We've recently dropped an update which includes 22 new missions for you to try. Each mission comes with different rewards on completion.