Paradise and Ruins 2D MMORPG

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Earth is no longer what it used to be.
Several species have died out and the resources needed for humans to thrive have reduced dangerously. Everything is at stake now including the survival of mankind. In this time of chaos and confusion, some brave warriors chose to make the ultimate sacrifice. They were ready to give their lives on their quest. Each warrior was sent to scout for new habitable land and swore to search the galaxy until they found a new home for the remaining species on earth. They dispersed into Alpha Centauri, a distant solar system, with no information on what lay ahead.

You are one of them.
Upon reaching the proximity of a potential planet, you stumbled into a black hole storm. Your ship was damaged and despite your efforts to control the ship and pass the storm, you crashed on another unknown location.

All vital equipment on your ship was damaged.
All contact lost.

This location is dangerous but you are a warrior; mankind’s hope. You were injured but determined to complete your mission. You found what good weapons and supplies were left from the crash and prepared them for your journey.

What you and others don’t know is that with the fall of mankind and danger of extinction, some new species have arisen. Your crash gave them the opportunity to sabotage the mission. The journey you embark on will be filled with battling monsters and discovering hidden treasures. Defeat your enemies as you go, make allies, and form friendships to aid your journey.

Time is running out. Mankind is depending on you.

Your journey starts now!